The Right Care. Right Here. Right Now.

We are committed to providing high quality residential and in-home care in the disability, child protection and aged care sectors where client care, health, safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. We also pride ourselves on making a difference through our lifestyle and personal development programs.  We have been around since 1998 quietly expanding and continually improving the quality of care to our clients.  Consequently, with nearly 20 years of caring for people, we  really do know what we are doing.  Contact us and we will be happy to chat about any aspect of our organization and operations.



We are constantly evaluating and reviewing our policies and practices to ensure the quality of our care to our clients remains our top priority.



Safety and wellbeing is at the core of what we do and an essential part of everyday interactions between clients and staff.



We pursue professionalism and set the benchmark for quality care by upholding our various certifications including ISO 9001.



We continually strive to improve our care through providing ongoing skills and training to all our employees.

Our Care Services

Our care services are tailored to provide premium care to the disability, child protection and aged care sectors. We offer services and care packages focused on people aged over 18 years who live with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities, children and young people in the care of the State and older people requiring care support who live in the community.

Disability Care

Our disability care program supports those who live with physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.  We provide 24/7 residential care,  community access and both planned and emergency respite.  We also specialize in forensic disability care and management.

Child Protection

Our child protection and youth justice services support children and young people who are in care of the State.  We provide them with care support and modern accommodation that benefits their development, health and wellbeing and aids their development.  Most importantly, we keep them safe.

Lifestyle Support Programs

In addition to its residential, respite and ‘in home’ care services, Direct Care Resources provides a number of Lifestyle Support Programs designed to assist clients to acquire the skills and knowledge to live independently in the community to the very best of their ability.


The NDIS and the disability care system as a whole is complex and can be extremely daunting to many.   But DCR is here to help.  We will assist you to navigate the system and explain to you in simple terms the various alternatives you have and the choices you can make.