Mpower Kids

Empowering Kids for Life – An Educational and Training Program for Children and Young People

 MPower Kids aims to provide professional learning support to children and young people at-risk to enable them to reach their full potential and live comfortably and securely in the community.

The program aims to provide professional support and assistance to care staff and foster carers to assist them in the educational coaching of children and young people in their care.

MPower Kids incorporates individually tailored learning support by Registered Teachers to:
• Improve basic literacy and numeracy skills
• Provide learning opportunities commensurate with individual client’s educational needs
• Prepare young people and adults with a disability to pursue vocational training and employment opportunities
• Access education and training opportunities

MPower Kids involves our Teachers:
• Conducting an initial assessment of each client’s educational level
• Developing an Educational Support Plan
• Conducting periodic 1:1 tutoring of each client
• Assessing each client’s progress at regular intervals
• Providing training, assistance and advice to care staff and foster carers on how to best provide learning support to individual clients