Living Free

 Transitioning to Community Living: A Care and Support Program for Young Adults with a Disability 

Living Free aims to equip young people with a disability who are in care with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live as independently in the community as their disability will allow and to achieve their individual life goals.

Living Free provides stable accommodation, care support and structured learning for young people with a disability exiting the care of the State so that they can adjust gradually to independent community living.
With the assistance of skilled professionals and DCR care staff, Living Free provides young people with a disability with training and skills to help them:
• Pursue education, training and employment opportunities
• Access government benefits and entitlements
• Manage their money wisely and build wealth
• Build positive and fulfilling relationships with family and friends
• Use public transport
• Maintain their personal health and wellbeing
• Be aware of and exercise their personal and legal rights
• Engage in sport, recreation and leisure

Upon exit from the care of the State, it is anticipated that young people will have:
• A steady job, be undertaking study or have access to appropriate day programs
• The life skills and self-confidence to live safely and comfortably in the community
• A reliable support network of friends and family
• Developed a relationship which will ensure a positive and long-lasting co-tenancy arrangement
• Access to a quality assured care provider approved by Disability Services Queensland

To assist with the transition, DCR will transfer the lease of the property and the ownership of all furniture, white goods and equipment to the young persons. This provides them with a stable living environment without the hassle.