Words and Numbers : A Literacy and Numeracy Program for Adults with a Disability

MPower aims to provide professional learning support to adults with a disability to enable them to attain literacy and numeracy levels which will allow them to improve their self-reliance and to live comfortably and securely in the community.

MPower  incorporates individually tailored learning support by qualified and experienced Tutors to:
• Improve basic literacy and numeracy skills
• Provide practical learning opportunities in community settings
• Assist clients to access community services, for example, public transport, banks, government agencies
MPower involves our Tutors:
• Conducting an initial assessment of each client’s literacy and numeracy level
• Developing a Learning and Development Plan
• Conducting periodic 1:1 tutoring of each client
• Assessing each client’s progress at regular intervals
• Providing training, assistance and advice to care staff on how to best provide learning support to individual clients