Jump Start

 Transitioning to Independent Living: A Care and Support Program for Young People

JumpStart is a program where two or three compatible young people in care share accommodation for a period of approximately two years prior to their actual transition to independent living. The program provides stable accommodation, support and a structured learning environment to equip them with the skills and knowledge to live independently in the community.

JumpStart provides training and skills development for young people to assist them to:

  • Pursue education and training opportunities
  • Obtain suitable employment
  • Access government benefits and entitlements
  • Manage their finances
  • Cope with peer pressure
  • Deal positively with family and personal relationships
  • Develop and enrich their cultural links
  • Use public transport for travel
  • Maintain their personal health and wellbeing
  • Be able to exercise their personal and legal rights
  • Engage in sport, recreation and leisure

Upon their exit from care, JumpStart will have provided program participants with the opportunity to have a steady job or be undertaking a study program which will give them:

  • The life skills and self-confidence to live comfortably and safely in the community
  • A steady source of income
  • A reliable support network of friends and family

To assist with the transition, DCR  works with the young people involved to assist with the transfer of the lease of the property and secure for them, funding and supply and personal ownership of furniture, white goods and equipment. This provides them with a stable living environment without the hassle.