Child Protection


Keeping children safe from harm and reporting suspected child abuse is the responsibility of everyone in the community.  Direct Care Resources works collaboratively with Child Safety Services within the Department of Communities to provide high quality, professional ‘out-of-home’ care, supervision and management to children at risk.

Direct Care Resources is an accredited service provider holding an Organisation Level Licence incorporating the Queensland Government’s Human Services Quality Framework. 

Our dedicated Child Safety residences are located across South-East Queensland.  Each residence is fully-staffed on a 24/7 basis by a small, experienced  team of Youth Workers who are fully trained in managing children and young people in care, especially those with challenging behaviours.  The small care team also means that children and young people in care have consistency and certainty in the delivery of their care and that Direct Care Resources can, in close consultation with Child Safety Services, develop a schedule of developmental activities and behavioural boundaries to be consistently applied throughout the time children are in DCR’s care.  Subject to Departmental approval, children and young people in care also have access to Direct Care Resources’ Lifestyle Programs.

All Direct Care Resources staff are required to hold a current Blue Card and to continually meet exacting standards of care, security, safety and confidentiality. 

DCR has within its managerial structure a dedicated Child Protection Co-ordinator whose role it is to manage DCR’s day-to-day child protection programs.  She has the ready backing of highly qualified and experienced Case Managers on whom she can immediately call for professional advice and assistance as well as priority access to the Principals of the business.